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Office Furniture Liquidation Services

Office Furniture Liquidators in Los Angeles, CA

Decommission / Consignment / Disposal

Free Removal Consultations!

Liquidation of Your Office Furniture:

We may offer to purchase your furniture if the inventory meets certain parameters:

  • Large quantity 
  • Good condition 
  • High marketability
  • Accessibility 
  • If the inventory meets these, we are more than happy to purchase at market value
  • Please call or send us photos to help us get an idea of what you have


  • If you have a long period of time to have the furniture removed, we can offer a consignment *previous parameters apply*

  • A typical consignment is 50/50 


  • Items qualify for disposal if:

  • Small quantity 

  • Not-marketable

  • Short removal time frame

  • Dated and/or damaged

  • Product holds no value 

Typical disposal fees: 

  • $750 (small truck) This usually ranges from 2-5 cubicles, or a small office of 3-4 people

  • $1,500 (large truck) This usually is an office of approximately 12-20 people

  • *Rates are based on per truck/per run basis*

  • Call us for details and pricing!

Things That Affect Removals: 

1. Accessibility of furniture

  • Poor accessibility 

  • Strict hours for removal 

  • Slow, poor, or no elevator access

2. Time frames 

  • We prefer a 10-day notice to accommodate removals

  • Last minute removals can incur a higher fee 

  • Our removal teams book quickly! 

3. Pure disposal 

  • While we aim to limit product going into landfills, we try to recycle/donate most furniture

  • If it is pure disposal, a dumpster may be required 

Please Keep In Mind: 

  • We are not a cleaning service, we are an office furniture disposal company 

  • We assist with liquidating office furniture including cubicles, desks, chairs, files, reception furniture, chair mats, etc. 

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