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Product Description

Zody isn't just a chair, it's a revolutionary workspace upgrade. This ergonomic marvel supports both sitting and perching, adapting to your every move. Its patented asymmetrical lumbar cradles your spine, while breathable mesh keeps you cool. Designed for 95% of body types, Zody's intuitive adjustments let you personalize your comfort. Go green without compromising on style. Zody's sleek design is crafted with sustainability in mind, featuring recycled materials and Cradle to Cradle certification. Plus, Haworth's commitment to quality ensures Zody will last through countless coffee breaks and brainstorming sessions. Invest in your well-being, one perfectly positioned sit at a time. Choose Haworth Zody and experience the future of task chairs.

Haworth Zody Task Chairs

  • Product Specifications:

    • Price: $150.00
    • Manufacture: Haworth
    • Model Name: Haworth Zody Task Chairs
    • Chair Type: Task Chair, Conference Chair
    • Chair Color: Black
    • Ergonomic: Yes
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