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Steelcase Answer Gray 6' x 8' Cubicle with 1BBF Ped and Lateral File Cabinet Cubicles came originally configured in 6' x 8' in back to back formation but we can reconfigure these into 8'x4', 6'x6', or 4'x4'. Light neutral fabric with light tan trim. Cubicles come powered down the spine. Some GLASS available for 6'x8' cubicles (Only the front cubicles in the cluster has glass)


Please inquire for additional information.


100 available


***Price includes 1BBF ped and 1 Lateral File Cabinet***


Location: First Call Office Furniture Warehouse - Rancho Dominguez

Steelcase Answer

  • Product Specifications:

    • Price: $709
    • Manufacture: Steelcase
    • Model Name: Steelcase Answer
    • Cubicle Height: Mid-Size (47" - 54")
    • Panel Height(s): 54"
    • Configuration Dimension(s): 6x6, 6x8
    • Surface Cubicle Color: Offwhite
    • Has Glass: Yes
    • Has Power: Yes
    • Has Task Light: No
    • Storage Type: BBF x 1, Lateral File
    • Storage Width(s): 30"
    • Paint / Trim Color: Tan
    • Surface Configuration: Straight-to-Straight
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