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Product Description


Steelcase Answer 6x6 cubicles are a popular choice for office workstations. They offer a good balance of privacy and space, making them ideal for individual work or small teams, and offer a variety of custimization options to meet your office needs

Additional Details


  • 54” tall panel with glass stacker on all spine and aisle panels
  • 42” tall panels off of spine
  • 30” tall panel in-between bullpen stations
  • 30x72 Main Surface (fixed height)
  • 24x42 Return Surface (fixed height)
  • BF Mobile Pedestal
  • Magnetic Whiteboard Skins
  • Base Feed Electrical

Steelcase Answer Workstations with Clear Glass

  • Product Specifications:

    • Price: 535
    • Manufacture: Steelcase
    • Model Name: Steelcase Answer
    • Cubicle Height: Mid-Size (47" - 54")
    • Panel Height(s): 54"
    • Configuration Dimension(s): 6x6
    • Surface Cubicle Color: Off-White
    • Has Glass: Yes
    • Has Power: Yes
    • Has Task Light: No
    • Storage Type: BBF x 1
    • Storage Width(s):
    • Paint / Trim Color: Tan
    • Surface Configuration: Straight-Run, Corner
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